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Stephenie. 22. Physics major (Classics minor) at University of South Florida. I enjoy astronomy, ancient societies, food, cats, and long walks across my house. INTP.
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People on FB telling one of my acquaintances from high school that she should report a doctor for telling her if she won’t vaccinate her own children, she at least needs to vaccinate her foster child. jfc I’m done with these people. Get out. Stop having children. Stop raising other people’s children. You are just as bad as the people who had these children taken away from them.

PS my Latin exam was really long and difficult and I think I did pretty well but I might have memorized something incorrectly and gotten everything wrong soooooo we’ll see I guess.

Today at work:

*phone rings*

Me: *answering phone while taking 800 inside-out dresses in a pile from a customer* Thank you for calling My Store Name in My Store Location, Long Store Slogan I’m Required To Say, this is Stephenie speaking. How may I help you?

Person on phone: Hi, are you open?

Me: *checks watch: it is 3pm* Uhhh, yes?

Person on phone: Okay. *hangs up*





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Greatest thing ever

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I’m trying to go to sleep but stomach acid/the drink I had 10 hours ago keep coming up into my mouth thanks gastroparesis you’re the best

So today I got to work 35 minutes late, with hair I hadn’t washed in two days (which is probably the equivalent of 5 or 6 days for a person with normal hair), in clothes I had already worn. It was not the best day.

If you feel like having your heart ripped out of your chest, My Girl is on Netflix.