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Stephenie. 22. Physics major (Classics minor) at University of South Florida. I enjoy astronomy, ancient societies, food, cats, and long walks across my house. INTP.
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Hi! Just wanted to say your daft punk blog is awesome! The live chat interview made my day! :)
m-forty-two m-forty-two Said:

Wow thank you! :]

I found this French book for free outside a bookstore and I was like awesome! Now I can teach myself French for real! But the whole book is in French. Like thanks, that’s a lot of help.

Turned on Nickelodeon because I am perpetually five years old, and an old episode of iCarly was on. September 2007. I was obsessed with Drake and Josh and iCarly back then. I was also 15 and thought I was going to be a geneticist. Cell phones still had antennas. Daft Punk was on tour. It was a different era.

Today at work (which was beyond busy and 3 people called off who were supposed to be my backups) some guy actually called the store and asked for me so that he could talk for 10 minutes straight about how I rung up his stuff earlier and he thought I was really pretty and he wants to “have a chance” with me even though he’s not good looking, meanwhile I have a line of probably 20 or 30 people and basically no one to help me. I tried to end the call several times but he just kept going.

It was, I guess, flattering? but also extremely rude and I was really mad about it.

For one, I could have gotten in trouble for being on the store phone for things not related to work. (Luckily my manager understood that I really had no choice in the matter.)

Two, I was really busy and, you know, trying to do my job— I really do not have time to stand there doing nothing waiting for you to finish talking.

And three, I felt completely taken advantage of. At my store, we have a rule that no one except a manager is allowed to tell a customer “no”. I am expected to be extremely polite and understanding. So, yes, I smiled at you when you came to my register, but I did it because that’s part of my job. I told you to have a nice day because it’s part of my job. I was forced to be patient and friendly with you on the phone even as you wouldn’t stop hitting on me, because it’s part of my job.

Don’t be rude to retail workers just because you know they have to grovel at your feet. We’re just trying to get our meager minimum wage. If you want to ask someone out, do it when they’re allowed to do and say what they want.

People on FB telling one of my acquaintances from high school that she should report a doctor for telling her if she won’t vaccinate her own children, she at least needs to vaccinate her foster child. jfc I’m done with these people. Get out. Stop having children. Stop raising other people’s children. You are just as bad as the people who had these children taken away from them.

PS my Latin exam was really long and difficult and I think I did pretty well but I might have memorized something incorrectly and gotten everything wrong soooooo we’ll see I guess.

Today at work:

*phone rings*

Me: *answering phone while taking 800 inside-out dresses in a pile from a customer* Thank you for calling My Store Name in My Store Location, Long Store Slogan I’m Required To Say, this is Stephenie speaking. How may I help you?

Person on phone: Hi, are you open?

Me: *checks watch: it is 3pm* Uhhh, yes?

Person on phone: Okay. *hangs up*