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Stephenie. 22. Physics major (Classics minor) at University of South Florida. I enjoy astronomy, ancient societies, food, cats, and long walks across my house. INTP.
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Oops I read a paper wrong and my roommate and I turned in the keys for our old apartment a day late… Oh well. They were awful to us soooo I don’t really care.


Apologies, but I need to have a bit of a rant.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately - more so than I have in a while - and I’m starting to notice a really disturbing and frankly frightening trend. A film I watched last night had several female characters surrounding a main male character. Nothing new. Some of them were older women in their 30s. Some in their 20s. All presented as “attractive” to the main character and therefore the audience. What they had in common: thin, long body types. Big eyes. Tiny noses. Straight hair. The main female character - the girlfriend - was almost presented as a caricature. She was demure, cute. Put up with the antics of the male protagonist. Impossibly beautiful. And in the end, despite sleeping with a host of other women, he marries her.

In almost every movie I have watched lately, the kind of girl that gets the guy or is presented as attractive is so impossibly foreign to me that I almost feel like I should hate myself. Which is absolutely ridiculous - yet how could I or any other girl I know live up to it? All of the men in these movies are so varied in physical nature, in body type, in personality. The women at least are sometimes intelligent, out spoken and have brilliant careers of their own. But they have to be attractive in a wholly feminine and cute way first.

I am finding it more and more frustrating that all we are seeing is a regurgitation of the same woman over and over. She is in the music videos, she is on the album covers hand in hand with the musician, she is on the ads on tv and in the magazines. I’m sure she’s a really nice girl and I think she’s gorgeous too, but we are teaching an entire generation that she’s the only thing they should ever need or want to be. It’s so fucking damaging that I want to scream.

I walked past an ad for a new Nike store today. There were a line of people jogging towards the camera, looking appropriately fierce in their Nike gear. I was pleasantly surprised to see a variation in skin colour. Nice one Nike. And yet every single body type was the same.

You can look at the photos I take of myself and think that I have it pretty good - which I do to an extent. I know I am tall, slim. But I also hated myself up until about two years ago, thought my thighs were a curse because they jiggle and touch and my hips were bigger than my boobs, that my face was too long and I was never going to be “pretty”. I know girls in real life who fit the standard that we’re apparently supposed live up to and I used to constantly compare myself and beat myself up. Eventually I got sick of my own bullshit and decided that fuck, I was going to wear whatever I damn well pleased and work the hell out of the cool things about me like my long legs and big hair.

But I still get insecure as all fuck when that little reminder of that woman pops up.

I’m really angry that we all have to deal with this and nobody is doing anything to stop it. I see other women on tumblr perpetuating it to the point where I’ve had to unfollow some people for catering to this unachievable ideal. It’s not okay and I’m so absolutely bone fuck tired of it.

Guys I was only in my new apartment for like 45 minutes today and I saw two cockroaches and now I’m kind of freaking out like, did I just sign off on a year of roach hell? Pest control is coming tomorrow, though, so hopefully it will get taken care of…

Just a heads up: never try to move apartments when the semester has already started. Just don’t do it. It’s terrible.




We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Amazingly, not The Onion:

“[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”


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1. Which music festival do you want to go to the most?
I don’t really know any? I guess maybe Lollapalooza? I like Chicago, hehe.

2. If you could make your own music festival, who would headline?
Can I pick a dead person? Frank Sinatra. But I would prefer the suave, cool, late 50s Sinatra.

3. What kind of festival is your ideal? (Pop, electronic, folk, rock, a mixture of different genres?)
A mixture! I’m not really into any specific genre. 

4. Have you ever been to a music festival? What was the best part?
Omg does a classical music festival count? If so, I usually go to the music festival from the orchestra in my hometown every year. They bring in amazing soloists from all over the world, and students from great universities and conservatories. I have always loved "The Lark Ascending" by Vaughan Williams, and one year I had the opportunity to hear it performed there with Joseph Silverstein and it was one of the most beautiful and powerful musical moments of my life.

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My freshman year of college I literally spent two days mapping out where my classes were and used average walking speeds to plan my time. I even rode the elevator in my dorm a few different times to check how long it took. I bought a new planner and five notebooks.

This year, my fifth year (hahahaha), I literally am not quite sure which class I have tomorrow and I have no idea where it is. I don’t even have a parking permit that’s good for this semester. I thought to myself tonight, I guess I should bring a pen.













imageThis show received 42 emmy nominations.

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One of my professors is making us use Facebook for class hahahahahahaha hahahahaha kill me


honey can’t you see I’m working here

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